Cleaning in Place

Easy Cleaning in Place maintains efficiency


A brazed plate heat exchanger is normally self-cleaning, thanks to highly turbulent flows. In applications with a high risk of fouling or scaling, e.g. due to high temperatures, hard water, or high pH levels, cleaning may be required to maintain efficiency. This is achieved quickly and easily with Cleaning in Place (CIP). This is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of closed systems, such as pipes, vessels, process equipment, and filters, by circulating a liquid. Disassembly is not required.

When is cleaning required?

Fouling and scaling will increase the pressure drop and insulate the heat transfer surface, thus reducing the efficiency of heat transfer. Indicators of the need to clean your heat exchanger are temperature differences smaller than specified (as a result of fouling of the channel plate surface, reducing heat transfer), or pressure drops higher than specified (due to scaling constricting the channel passage and thus increasing velocity).

Learn how to clean a SWEP heat exchanger with the aid of Goodway Technologies!

A SWEP heat exchanger is cleaned by circulating a cleaning liquid through it. Disassembly is not required. You can equip your BPHE with customized CIP ports to make it even easier. Our calculation software SSP offers a Pressure Drop tool, which can be used to determine when an installed BPHE needs cleaning by comparing the measured pressure drop data with the expected performance of a clean BPHE. An increase of 30% or more indicates cleaning is needed.

Preventative maintenance is an integral part of any water operated piece of equipment’s efficient operation. SWEP & Goodway® Technologies have partnered to bring customers a safe cleaning product and methodology to insure your heat transfer remains optimal.

Goodway® Technologies ScaleBreak®- MP is a unique blend of citric acid with the
inclusion of corrosion inhibitors, wetting and penetrating agents. It offers excellent
cleaning results and speed without compromising the long term integrity of
equipment base metals. The biodegradable descaling solution that will safely dissolve
scale deposits into a liquid suspension allowing them to be flushed out of BPHE’s
leaving no residual solution. BPHE cleaning instructions with ScaleBreak-
MP are available. SWEP have tested and verified the compatibility of ScaleBreak - MP with their products.  You can learn more about Goodway's CIP solutions here.


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