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SWEP’s new calculation application DThermX is here!

SSP (SWEP Software Package) Online moves into the future with a new look and name!   The new application features improved calculation speed and a new interface.

Our SSP online selection software handles both single-phase and two-phase calculations including condenser, evaporator and cascade.  Additionally, it also offers a home menu which serves as an information portal that allows instant access to up-to-date news and product data.  SSP G8 is the desktop version that can be installed directly on your computer. 

We are pleased to replace SSP Online with our new web application DThermX.  Although DThermX is under continuous development, the 1.0 version currently offers “Single phase” and “Single phase dual” selection windows. Soon, the remaining calculation windows, such as the Evaporator and Condenser windows, will also become available. 

This new format will enable us to work more effectively as calculations between SSP G8 and DThermX can be aligned. The calculation speed with DThermX is greatly improved and is now in line with SSP G8. To use DThermX, you register with the same e-mail address as used for other SSP products to retrieve your license information.

You can access and register here: https://dthermx.swep.net/login


Please note that DThermX works with most browsers, but DThermX is currently not compatible with Internet Explorer.