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SWEP launches e-shop on Alibaba

In April, SWEP launched an e-shop in Alibaba, one of the leading China-based E-commerce platforms serving millions of buyers and suppliers around the world. In China, the e-commerce network is run by only a few major players, so it’s very rare for a company to host their own e-shop website.  1,000,000+ companies have set up shop with Alibaba and currently reach 10,000,000+ online buyers. 

In SWEP's e-shop, we will offer products that cover four applications: refrigeration, residential heating, district energy and oil cooler. Visitors can click on each product to get information specific to each one. The range will start on a limited scale for this e-shop, but the ambition is to evolve and broaden our product and application offering considerably in the future.

One main driver behind launching this e-shop is due to the changing buying trends of netizens.  The habits of obtaining information and searching for goods have shifted to a much more digital way as people rely on cellphones/computers when searching for goods and a multitude of information is now more visible in the form of digital pictures, short videos, real time news feeds, live chat, and so on.  As a company, SWEP continues to adapt to these behaviors in order to grow and be successful in this ever-changing digital world. 

“The launch of our e-shop marks an exciting step for SWEP as it allows us to significantly expand our reach and market our products to a large universe of potential buyers,” said Ong Chinshuan, General Manager, APAC. “I’m confident that we will continue to build on this digital momentum and grow the e-shop’s future product offerings.”

You can see a short video on SWEP’s Alibaba e-shop by clicking here.