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SWEP expands its successful D650 True Dual heat exchanger range

SWEP is introducing an all-new evaporator to their True Dual heat exchanger range, which targets chillers and heat pump applications with a higher temperature approach. The DV650 evaporator has been added to the D650 True Dual heat exchanger range and can be used with the majority of current high-pressure refrigerants.

The DV650 is one of the biggest brazed plate heat exchangers within the True Dual range. Brazed plate heat exchangers offer an efficient way to transfer heat and are useful components within air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating systems. The DV650 offers benefits such as condensed use of space, improved thermal efficiency and reduced maintenance. The True Dual range is highly versatile and offers full performance at both full and partial load, thanks to its clever design and cooling circuit technology

SWEP’s D650 True Dual heat exchanger range includes the DFX650 evaporator and the DB650 condenser. The range can be utilized at various levels of system efficiency with high to low-temperature approaches and covering capacities from 250 kW to 700 kW. With the added DV650, application reach becomes even larger.

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