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Discover new ways to Challenge Efficiency at Chillventa 2018

One of Europe´s leading exhibitions in refrigeration, ac & ventilation and heat pumps; Chillventa, will take place in Nuremberg October 16-18. SWEP International takes the opportunity to present the latest exciting BPHE innovations. They’ll be introducing new products and software designed to optimize your cooling and heating solutions. Here we have picked a few highlights:

Chillventa 2018

Explore the use of new refrigerants

SWEP will guide you and show you their range for new refrigerants like R32, Propane, R452B, and R454B, to provide your business with maximum flexibility and performance for your cooling and heating applications.

Free Cooling - See the highest capacity BPHE on the market
See the highest capacity brazed plate heat exchanger on the market, the B649, and how compact you can build a free cooling unit or heat recovery system with that solution. The B649 lets you achieve a tight temperature approach in a brand new format that has a cooling capacity of up to 1.5MW and heating capacity up to 10 MW.

Save space, energy, and increase your value with the Passive Cooling Unit
SWEP will also be showing an entirely new concept, the Passive Cooling Unit, which utilizes the energy in the ground to both cool but also to boost your COP in your ground sourced heat pump. Come and see a concept that you can implement as an OEM that will boost your COP in a compact, easy-to-use format.

A completely new interface for SWEP’s industry-leading selection software
Easily find the right BPHE solution for your unique needs with the new G8 release of our industry-leading SSP software that lets you build and optimize your system. Two of the many exciting new features are the home menu that also serves as a quick-look information portal and a combined calculation window for both two stack and single stack models. The calculation window enhances selections where both thermal length and pressure drop is important. Users of the evaporator dual calculations will find possibility to simulate uneven load conditions.

Introducing new SEALIX® - Keeps tap water running
And last, but not least, SWEP will also be introducing the new SEALIX® technology which significantly reduces the risk of BPHE failure and maintenance costs for tap water stations. The revolutionary SEALIX coating increases corrosion resistance, decreases the tendency for fouling and scaling, decreases leaching, and increases the overall durability of the solution. Customized organic functionalities modify the surface energy and enhance the mechanical and thermal stability. This improves the surface behavior in terms of fouling and scaling and maintains the high thermal and hydraulic performance of the braised plate heat exchanger – and is well-suited for tap water applications.

Discover more about the new SWEP products, software, & solutions at their booth (number 522) in hall 7A at Chillventa 2018 in Nuremberg, Germany, or visit swep.net/campaigns/chillventa18

Contact for additional information:

Alexander Braun
Manager Consultants and Utility Business
E-mail: alexander.braun@swep.net
Phone: +49 911 23 60 54 17