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Announcing the VOC iPad 3 winner – Congratulations, Mr. Charlie Kenyon!

SWEP is delighted to announce that Mr. Charlie Kenyon has won the iPad 3 for his contribution to our Voice of the Customer (VOC) survey 2012.

Mr. Kenyon, Chairman of Multistack, was very surprised when he was contacted by Maureen Pietersz, a member of our VOC team. Maureen congratulated him on behalf of SWEP and the VOC on winning the iPad 3.

Marcus Johansson (SWEP HUB Manager North America) had the pleasure of personally presenting the iPad 3 to Mr. Kenyon at Multistack in Sparta, Wisconsin, on Monday 26 November.

Delighted customer
“SWEP has been a true partner throughout our relationship,” says Mr. Kenyon. “We work very well together. SWEP provides world-class service and has made great improvements in their service to us. Our partnership started even before I joined Multistack in 1996. As my duties expanded, I became more and more involved with SWEP and got to know the management team.”

“In the beginning of our relationship, we dealt with the Swedish plant directly and also our contacts were in Sweden. Our shipments came from Europe, increasing our costs and lead times. Over the years, SWEP has grown rapidly, and now has a North America sales office in Atlanta that handles our account. Our orders come from their manufacturing facility in Edgefield, South Carolina. This has further strengthened our business and the relationship between Multistack and SWEP. Another aspect I like is that SWEP is very proactive in the development of new products.”

“My view on the annual Voice of the Customer survey is that any time you can involve your customers and gain input is beneficial. I always look forward to seeing what else is going on in the world of SWEP and their customers,” says Mr. Kenyon.

SWEP and the VOC team want to thank Mr. Kenyon and all other participants for their time and loyalty in completing the VOC 2012 survey. Your input is very valuable to us, and we hope to receive more opinions and feedback in our future VOC surveys.

Mr. Charlie Kenyon receives the iPad 3 from Marcus Johansson (SWEP HUB Manager North America).

Mr. Charlie Kenyon receives the iPad 3 from Marcus Johansson (SWEP HUB Manager North America).