What are our employees saying?

People are our most important asset. That is why our goal is to employ people with above-average qualities who can help us fulfill our long-term objectives. We also aim to offer employees individualized development to enable them to progress to more advanced assignments.

We actively encourage employees by offering training, education, and new posts that develop them into professional and experienced people with an international outlook. And of course, we keep our employees continuously informed about our vision and targets.


SWEP employees include graduate engineers and economists, high-school graduates and postgraduates, Japanese and French people, analysts and practitioners. You'll encounter enormous variety, which forms the basis for an open, creative and, in many ways, unique working climate.

Are you prepared to take great personal responsibility? Will you risk taking on something you haven't done before? Do you want to be able to control and choose the direction of your personal development? In that case, you could go a long way with us, because the opportunities are unlimited.

Read what some of the people who've started work at SWEP have to say:

Sumer Evans
Market Communication Specialist

I started working as Customer Support at our sales office in SWEP North America in October 2002 while I was studying at Mercer University Stetson School of Business & Economics (Atlanta, Georgia). It was intended to be only a temporary job while I attended college. However, after I graduated with my Bachelors of Business Administration degree, I was given the opportunity to move to Sweden to work at our headquarters. I jumped at the wonderful opportunity and worked in Sweden for close to 2 years as Customer Support for Strategic Key Accounts.

I have gained much information and experience from working both within a HUB setting and at Head Office that has helped me to understand SWEP from many different aspects. From quoting a customer and receiving their order, to keeping up with the production of the order until it ships out the door and arrives at our end customer's location. This level of involvement can be very time-consuming at times, but can also be very fulfilling. I want our customers to be delighted and completely satisfied with the level of service they receive from SWEP, so I have always strived to make that happen!

I have also worked with various projects in our World Class Service program. I think it is extremely helpful to be able to bring in the insight I have from dealing directly and personally with customers when we are exploring ways of improving the level of service that we provide in every area. It is extremely important not only to know the expectations and needs of the customer, but also to be able to meet them!

I now work within our Sales Organization in the UK as Regional Manager. I feel incredibly lucky to work for such a great company like SWEP!


Utpal Naik
Business Engineer Team Manager

I find the culture and management encouraging exploring new growth avenues professionally and taking on more challenges at work.

SWEP has a unique work culture that stands out from other workplaces in being a global organization where I can connect, and exchange ideas with people from different and industries across continents. I have found numerous possibilities to grow and add new technical, sales, and management skills at SWEP. I find the culture and management encouraging exploring new growth avenues professionally and taking on more challenges at work. Furthermore, SWEP offers excellent work and life balance, which motivates me to continue perform better at my role.

I started in the position of Business Engineer for the North Eastern USA and Canada. Today, I have been promoted to the position of Business Engineer Team Manager.

The workplace at SWEP is unique amalgamation of European and traditional American work culture, which has enabled me to explore new avenues and made me independent in decision making. Management has always encouraged me to try new initiatives and provided supported and guidance where needed.

I challenge the workplace status quo in terms of asking why / why not as opposed to following the methodology of ‘ This is the way we have always done it’. I challenge the status quo by intiating a culture of openness, where providing opinions is encouraged. I also challenge the status quo by being agile and trying new methods / ideas and suggestions and pivoting to adapt and change the ideas to better suit our needs at SWEP.


Kevin Spiller

Kevin Spiller
Industrial Sales Manager

With the culture that we have here as a company, there is no position that is off limits if you are willing to work for it.
My career before SWEP began in oil and gas which was a natural fit since I am in Houston, Texas. Early on the market took a downturn which left me looking for a more secure work environment. What I have found here at SWEP is much more than just a stable career but a supportive group of people that are here to help you develop professionally.

I started with SWEP as a Business Engineer for the Southeastern region of the US which required me to quickly adapt to handle a wide range of thermal applications to best support my customers and sales managers. This role then became an application specific responsibility within business development. 

Today I work as an Industrial Sales Manager in the business development group targeting specific application markets. The goal is to create new business for SWEP where BPHE had previously not been. This change has taken me from reactively supporting customers and sales managers to now finding new and exciting ways to use BPHE. I get to take on a new challenge every day to help customers take advantage of what SWEP has to offer for their business to develop.

The culture of SWEP is to continually invest in people to help them develop their careers to fit personal and professional goals. It is an ongoing challenge to seek out new applications and conversions from competing technology, but the culture of SWEP to equip you with all tools necessary to grow supports this development.

In the future I hope to move further up on the commercial side of the business in a management position while leveraging my engineering background to increase the market reach that SWEP has.
Looking back, I would encourage anyone new with SWEP to take advantage of the resources that are put in front of you to develop your professional skills. With the culture that we have here as a company, there is no position that is off limits if you are willing to work for it.

The best thing about SWEP is that you are free to work towards any position you desire. You are not limited to your previous experience. The typical engineer outside of SWEP would be separated from the customer in day to day work. Here I can challenge the standard work practice by putting engineering knowledge in front of the customer to not just try to sell a product but to change the industry perception of BPHE.

Working from a remote office location makes it easy to forget just how global SWEP is, it often feels like a small operation day to day. But, as soon as I or the customer needs help, I have the full backing of a global group of co-workers that are here to help.