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Dedicated heat exchangers for high performing heat pumps

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Heat exchangers are key components in heat pump systems, influencing system's performance, stability, refrigerant charge, overall size and longevity. In times of transition from fossil fuels towards more sustainable measures, this calls for smart and efficient solutions for heating and cooling commercial buildings and homes. 

SWEP heat exchangers can fulfill several vital functions for heat pumps including:

  • High performing condensers with decreased refrigerant charge, footprint, and pressure drop
    thanks to innovative asymmetric design.
  • Evaporators for variable- and fixed-speed compressors with excellent performance during
    reversible mode with distribution device and smaller footprint
  • Double wall technology ensuring high efficiency and safety avoiding leakage where liquids must not mix, without compromising compactness and thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Efficient all-year round heating

Ground stored energy as evaporator heat source

Space heating with efficient performance


Air to water heat pumps

In air to water heat pumps, heat is taken from outside air and used as a heat source in a water-based system to evaporate the refrigerant. The created heat can then be used for comfort heating or to heat tap water. Air to water heat pumps are gaining grounds as efficient all-year round heating systems with low energy cost, reduced carbon footprint and low maintenance requirements.

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Ground source heat pumps

The ground source heat pump (GSHP) uses the energy stored in the bedrock, surface soil, or water as the heat source for the evaporator. Our BPHE evaporators have optimized distribution devices to ensure the best possible efficiency in GSHP evaporator duties.

SWEP has a wide range of BPHEs with a long thermal length, which helps to maximize the efficiency of the condensing operation. We also offer double-wall technology heat exchangers providing extra safety, for example when the refrigerant circuit heats tap water directly. Double wall technology gives that extra safety of avoiding leakage where liquids must not mix yet maintains the compactness and thermal efficiency of the heat exchanger.

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Domestic hot water heat pumps

In the past, domestic hot water was only a small part of a buildings’ total energy demand. As insulation quality of buildings increases, space heating demand drops. At the same time, hot water usage increases. The ratio between energy requirements for space heating and domestic hot water consumption calls for new solutions with unrivalled performance and efficiency.

SWEPs highly efficient BPHE condensers can be equipped with a distribution system to improve performance and reduce the risk of freezing when they are operating as evaporators. 

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Asymmetric plate design for unrivalled performance

Discover more on SWEP’s innovative plate design for heat exchangers. We call this AsyMatrix® - a smart channel configuration where maximum heat transfer on the refrigerant side is combined with minimum pressure drop.

Innovative plate design

A full range of dedicated heat pump products & Solutions from SWEP

Heat pump products

Heat pump table comparison

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The BX4T enables a new level of efficient heat exchange, with the X-plates on front and back that give structural stability while being active heat transfer plates. This All-Active plate pack maximizes the material utilization and makes the product an efficient and competitive product for demanding…

The compact B8LAS is a product developed to combine the highest thermal performance with low pressure drop. With a plate geometry using that uses AsyMatrix® technology, the unit offers a high efficiency and versatile solutions for high- efficiency heat pumps and refrigeration applications.

FI22AS is a high-efficiency condenser and evaporator optimized for reversible heat pump systems using environmentally friendly, low global warming potential and natural refrigerants. Utilizing our patented AsyMatrix2 technology, it delivers a high thermal performance while ensuring a low secondary


This ULTRA-COMPACT single circuit product is targeting Heat pumps. Large ports and innovative plate design enables an effective operating range up to 20 kW. B20 is delivering 30% less water pressure drop and a tighter temperature approach compared to similar products on the market. SWEP’s versatile…


The B26 with AsyMatrix® channels is designed to be a high-performance condenser, which makes it ideal for heat pump applications. Our AsyMatrix® technology combines high heat transfer efficiency with low pressure drop, enabling system builders to make more efficient yet more compact systems. High…


The B85 is a highly efficient heat exchanger with a higher thermal performance than any comparable product. The B85 is the perfect choice for high-performance condensers and demanding heat transfer requirements. The large ports enable it to cope with high capacities. A smaller pressing depth,…

The B85AS is built on the successful 85 platform and adds the advantages of SWEP’s patented AsyMatrix® technology, offering increased thermal performance and reduced pressure drop. The B85 is a high-performance evaporator with higher efficiency than any comparable product.

The B8DW is our most compact double-wall unit optimized for small to medium capacities, designed for applications requiring leak protection and improved leak detection. The B8DW offers high thermal length suitable for heat recovery and tap water heating where tight temperature approach and low return temperature is a requirement. The design offers the same compactness and thermal performance as other SWEP BPHEs.


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