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SWEP offers a full range of BPHEs engineered to deliver the highest COP and the lowest life-cycle cost. The segment includes the supermarket and transport application areas.

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With pressure requirements for trans critical CO2 applications touching 140 bar, the B18 is the natural choice. The B18 is optimized for high heat pump capacities (up to 60 kW as a gas cooler and up to 40 kW as an evaporator). The compact yet lightweight  B18 is an excellent choice for cold chain applications (supermarkets, transport cooling, heat recovery, economizers), for heat pumps (evaporator and gas cooler) and for mobile air-conditioning (internal heat exchanger).

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B26 B185
The B26 with AsyMatrix® channels is designed to be a high-performance condenser, which makes it ideal for heat pump applications. Our AsyMatrix® technology combines high heat transfer efficiency with low pressure drop, enabling system builders to make more efficient yet more compact systems. High performance combined with low internal volume and smaller than expected size makes this BPHE unique in the market and an excellent choice for numerous applications and functions. The demand for natural refrigerants such as CO2 is increasing. With pressure requirements for transcritical CO2 applications touching 140 bar, the B185 is the natural choice. The B185 is optimized for high heat load capacities (up to 350 kW as a gas cooler). The compact yet lightweight B185 is suitable for cold-chain applications (hypermarkets, supermarkets, heat recovery) and heat pumps (evaporators, gas coolers).
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