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Co-generation, or combined heat and power (CHP), uses internal combustion gas or diesel engines. It is a growing industry as the demand for decentralized heat and power generation accelerates in a world increasingly dependent on solar and wind power.

Our brazed plate heat exchanger (BPHE) technology has been used for a long time for lower capacity (kW scale) installations. We are now driving applications of the technology in increasingly larger systems (up to around 10 MW), following the introduction of our 6” connection product range in 2013.

At lower capacities, most engines have an integrated oil cooler. SWEP BPHEs are effective circuit breakers for all the primary cooling circuits: jacket water, oil, charge air and exhaust gas. At higher capacities, separate oil coolers are increasingly used. Our modular product platforms often enable both jacket water and oil cooling within the same heat exchanger envelope, which simplifies logistics and packaging.

Our innovative super-asymmetric and extremely compact BPHEs are also suitable in charge air coolers. They are more stable structurally at high temperatures than aluminum units, and more modular than finned tube packages.

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