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Turkey promotes a more sustainable society

Turkey is currently experiencing an increase in population combined with an urbanization rate that has risen rapidly, from 53% in 1990 to 75% in 2008. New buildings are constantly being erected in urban areas, and it is necessary to find cost-effective ways to save energy. 

Semerkant Line with 543 apartments. DAF Energy used SWEP’s E8T.

With several laws that regulate the design of new buildings, among them the Energy Efficiency Law of 2007, Turkey has come a long way in setting up a framework for sustainable construction.

In the past, construction companies were allowed to use wall-hung boilers, but now they have to adhere to a number of design restrictions. Depending on the number of floors or the total amount of square meters, among other things, the Energy Efficiency Law stipulates that central heating systems must be used in the construction of new apartment buildings. As a result, the Turkish substation market has boomed in recent years. Two of the companies in the substation business, DAF Energy and Kozanlar, have since the introduction of the new regulation been involved in the construction of a number of apartment buildings in Turkey.

Founded in 2009, DAF Energy manufactures heat stations in its facilities within the Tuzla Industry Complex, with a production area of nearly 4,000 square meters. More than 114,000 households across Turkey have chosen DAF Energy for their system installations.

Kozanlar has more than ten years of experience in the business, and the company has seen a rising interest in substations since the introduction of the new legislation. Based in Afyon, in the central Anatolian part of Turkey, Kozanlar also have sister companies active in the greenhouse and geothermal fields. Both DAF Energy and Kozanlar have chosen SWEP as their partner for the majority of their projects. SWEP has converted several thousands of installations through local OEM´s in all major residential areas in Turkey, such as Istanbul and Izmir. Among them are the Elit City and Semerkant Line with DAF Energy, and the projects Four Winds and Sahil Park with Kozanlar.

Elit City with 550 apartments. DAF Energy used SWEP’s E8T.

Building long-term partnerships by being a loyal supplier, SWEP offers local technical support and good lead times for the widest range of tap water brazed plate heat exchangers. "It is important to us to be supportive, trustworthy and fair in our business dealings", says Celal Tosun, Regional Manager at SWEP Turkey. His customers seem to share this sentiment. "SWEP is a good partner", says Mr. Tayfun Basaran, General Manager at Daf Energy. "Their products are robust and high in quality, but also very efficient. It is also easy and smooth to work with the experienced staff of SWEP.”

Mr. Ismail Kozan, General Manager at Kozanlar is of a similar opinion. "We like to work with SWEP, because they are very fast in their response and support, and their products are very good in quality. The local support that we get from SWEP is great, since our local contact is both skilled and experienced.”For most of the projects, SWEP's E8AS has been the preferred brazed plate heat exchanger choice. A robust and high-performance product dedicated for heating solutions, the E8AS – where the "E" stands for "Economy" – is a more than satisfactory solution at a very competitive price. Due to its asymmetric design, the E8AS can have fewer plates, allowing it to perform with better results compared to similar products. This is an appreciated feature. "The E8AS is a very efficient product thanks to its new asymmetric technology", says Mr. Tayfun at Daf Energy. Mr. Ismail Kozan at Kozanlar agrees. "It is a very good solution", he says. "Thanks to its asymmetric technology, it can handle pressure drops in a better way. It is able to handle the capacities needed using less material, compared with competitive products."

Project Istanbul with 483 apartments. Kozanlar used SWEP’s E8T.