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SWEP Malaysia: brazed plate heat exchangers used for highly efficient cooling systems

Take a closer look at the cooling system at SWEP Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, as an example of a highly efficient and low-maintenance cooling system.

Playing a vital role in maintaining the optimal temperature

The cooling system uses several types of brazed plate heat exchangers: D400s in the process chillers, B120Ts for cooling water circulation in each induction furnace and, above all, B439x400s in the cooling process for the three induction furnaces, playing a vital role in maintaining the optimal temperature.

This is a proof of concept, with open-loop cooling tower water flowing in one circuit of each B439 unit and closed-loop in the other. The system is maintained monthly.

Highly efficient and low-maintenance cooling systems

Industries around the world are looking for highly efficient and low-maintenance cooling systems. The SWEP plant in Kuala Lumpur recently added a third induction furnace, greatly increasing the need for reliable cooling.

For the cooling towers, corrosion and scale inhibitors are added periodically. This is recommended to prevent the microbes from becoming resistant to the inhibitors.

The furnaces have a closed-loop cooling system. Anti-corrosion molybdate-based inhibitors are added every three to four months. They ensure the water quality in the furnaces is as specified.

The installation is based on a system that has been in operation since 2000 when SWEP first became established in Kuala Lumpur.
However, the new system can handle the higher heat load demand required by the installation of a third induction furnace. The highly efficient heat exchangers have kept maintenance needs low and reliability high compared with conventional cooling methods.