Critical IT equipment requires efficient cooling

When the India-based IT company Infosys Technologies Ltd. selected Schneider Electric to install a system for a Data Center Cooling application, Schneider decided to opt for an efficient SWEP brazed plate heat exchanger.

Access to reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable energy is a basic human right

Schneider Electric is a global company with its roots in the industries of iron and steel, heavy machinery and ship building of the late 1800s. It has since transformed itself into the global specialist in electricity and automation management. A solution provider, Schneider Electric believes that access to reliable, safe, efficient and sustainable energy is a basic human right. With new innovative solutions Schneider Electric wants to address the energy paradox, where our planet’s carbon footprint must be balanced against the need for energy.

With the environmental aspect in mind, it is logical that Schneider Electric was curious to try SWEP as its partner when asked to supply the India-based IT company Infosys Technologies with a cooling system for critical IT equipment. The application was a water-to-water system for a data center. A brazed plate heat exchanger was used to isolate the primary and secondary source, as the primary source of water came from a cooling tower. The secondary source, into which the water was to be fed, was cooling coils feeding critical IT equipment.

Designed for high heat transfer

SWEP provided its B439 model for the project. As SWEP brazed plate heat exchangers had not been used in any of Schneider Electric’s projects before, they were, at first, a bit skeptical about the performance, but “after testing the product on site we were convinced.”

The brazed plate heat exchanger is used for a critical single phase water-to-water application, where the cooling temperature of the Data Center needs to be maintained throughout the operation. The efficient B439 is designed for high heat transfer. It has two plate types, which can also be used together, suitable for a wide range of heating, cooling and industrial applications. With 4″ connections it handles up to 156 m³/h (686 gpm) water flow. Schneider Electric is also happy with the size of the brazed plate heat exchanger. “It is compact and easy to install and we are satisfied with both the provided documents and the technical support.”